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 Vampire Rules

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PostSubject: Vampire Rules   Vampire Rules Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 7:46 pm

Actions ect.:
Run Quickly
Super Strong
Have excellent senses
They don't have to blink/breathe.
They Can go out in the sun.. but its irritating and makes them a little tired.
They can sleep in beds but normally without blankets and there room is normally cold.
They don't notice the cold.
Live forever (thats a given)
Yes, female Vampires can get pregnant.
Dogs can tell between a Vampire, they normally bark at them X3
Food tastes like dirt Mad
When Turned, They loose all there baby fat/fat ect. ect. There eyes are red for a few months or so, and they're more... loopy XD
To be turned, you have to be bitten and drained to near death, than drink the blood of the vampire. If you just drink the blood, then it heals you :3
Stakes paralyze them until the stake is taken out, but doesn't kill.
Holywater does nothing.
Crosses/ going to churches, Nothing. :3
Vampires can't produce tears or relieve self. :3
They can be seen in mirrors, but whenever they see themself in a mirror, it just reminds them that there a monster.

Retractable Fangs (Even hidden there canines are kinda sharper than the average humans, but you can't really tell)
Look dead (Like dead dead. Not white. D: Just because there tan doesn't make them look white, just.. pale.)
There eyes change red when they hunt/drink blood and there fangs come out. (No exceptions unless fishie says so U_U)
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Vampire Rules
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